Powered Stairclimbers for Schools, Colleges and Universities

A Secondary School recently asked A D Handling Ltd to recommend the best powered stair climber for a manual handling issue that is proving to be a increasing problem for  Schools and Colleges.

Namely, these organisations now order consumables such as  paper in bulk to save money and often have pallets of A4/A5 paper delivered to the door. Here starts the problem as many schools need the paper carried to Art rooms or offices, up or down stairs and not too many schools or colleges  have lifts!

The responsibility often falls on the caretaker and they get called away from what they are doing to transport up to 40 boxes from the reception or car park to the office or classroom. Without assistance the maximum they can carry is two boxes at a time, that’s 20 trips.
This is not only a Health and Safety issue but  also takes up a lot of the caretaker’s valuable time from his/her other  roles.

We at  AD Handling Ltd, demonstrated two very different powered stair climber models and the customer susequently chose a light-weight, fast, powered stair climber capable of lifting 140 kg, easily capable of carrying 10 boxes of paper at 35 steps per minute, up or down stairs.

The stair climber will also be used for moving filing cabinets, chairs and pc equipment so it is multi-functional.

Take a look at a video here

For more information  or advice on any application please call A D Handling Ltd on 07789 702922 or visit www.poweredstairclimberuk.co.uk

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