Carrying up to 190kg

LMTK 190 kg Fold

Weight 37kg including 300 step battery
Dimensions: H:1520 W:580 D:300 to toe plate
Speed: 18 steps per minute
Maximum Step Height: 210mm
Construction: Tubular steel
Robust and sturdy the 190 offers all round stability for multiple stair climbing tasks and is designed for one person operation. Folds down to 1100mm for transport/storage.

LMTK 190 Accessories

Wheel Brakes can be fitted which stop the LMTK at the edge of any stair when descending and brake the wheel from rolling forwards on ascent.

LMTK 190 Accessories

Extra depth or width toe plates.Wheeled dolly toe plates give the operator four wheeled manoeuvrability. In transit chargers and additional quick change batteries will keep the LMTK working all day.
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