Carrying up to 1000kg


Weight 175 to 232 kg depending on accessories
Dimensions: L:1185 W:720 D:320
Speed: 8 steps per minute
Maximum Step Height: Twin rubber tracks
Construction: Aluminium
Adjustable angle table stabilises load on stairs. Numerous accessories available. Suitable for safes and UPS’s.Turn table, specially designed ramps and load winches available.

STR 1000 KG

Weight 110kg
Dimensions: H:1730 W:635 D:300 to toe plate
Speed: 8 steps per minute
Maximum Step Height: Twin polyurethane and kevlar tracks
Construction: One piece cast Aluminium

Four wheel rear dolly for A to B movement. Powered either by 110 or 240 volts.Ideal for larger vending machines, gaming machines, UPS’s, telecommunications cabs.


Extensively used on London Underground

Nine Wheeled Dolly

The STR 1400 KG can be fitted with a nine wheeled dolly affixed to the toe plate to facilitate up righting of any load in a tight space.Angle dolly and loading ramps are also used with loads over 800 kg.
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