Make light work of heavy loads with an Escalera stair climber

Manufactured with a tough, tempered, aluminium alloy, these American-produced stair climbers are leagues above the rest. Their impressive fully-modular design ensures they can be maintained whilst on the job.

MS-1-66 / MS-1-72 Product Information

Weight 36kg approx.

Height: 1620 (66 spec.) / 1820 (72 spec.)

Width: 610

Depth: 300 (to toe plate)

Capacity 540kg
Max No. of strapes: 3 (66 spec.) / 4 (72 spec.)
Construction: Aluminium
Ideal for lifting:
  • Vending machines
  • Gaming machines
  • Soft drink bottlers
  • Office machines
  • Plumbing and heating equipment
  • Modular design
  • UP-DOWN switch for easy operation
  • Sleek, ergonomic design
  • Non-spillable, high capacity, rechargeable battery (charger inc.)
  • Non-marking wheels and lifting feet
  • Serviceable drive train, built for decades of use
  • Fastest, easiest-to-use, automatic rewinding strap available

MS-1-66 model includes dolly (RLS), 2 straps, battery, mains charger and manual:           £3,450.00

MS-1-72 model includes dolly (RLS), 2 straps, battery, mains charger and manual:           £3,450.00

Certificated Training for up to 5 people: £364.00 Plus VAT
Delivery only to UK Mainland £49.95 Plus VAT

 These accessories make Escalera climbers suited for almost any purpose:

Big Wheel Attachment BWA-1: Removeable pneumatic 10″ tires for rolling on rough terrain. Easily snaps on/off hand truck in 2 seconds.
Auto-Rewind Safety Strap RW-1: 12ft long nylon automatic rewinding safety strap. Upper, middle and lower positions available for maximum versatility.
Big Toeplate Attachment BTA-12-28/BTA-12-32: Large removable toeplate fits over standard toeplate. Available in sizes 12″ x 28″ and 12″ x 32″
Retractable Load Support RLS-1: Wide track folding carriage legs with swivel casters. Foot-operated latch allows for easy deployment without uprighting load.
Barrel Attachment BAR-1/BAR-2: Concave, padded brace stabilises cylinder-shaped loads. Used for water heaters, barrels and drums.
Height Adjustable Toeplate HAT-1: For moving loads with legs, such as furniture and snack vending machines.
Swivel Caster Attachment SCA-1: Attaches easily to the back of the hand truck near the top handles. Allows the hand truck to lay flat and roll in a horizontal position
Magnum Handle Upgrade #1305/#1307: No-slip coated handle with a wider opening. Replaces standard chrome top handle. Cross-bar option available.
Lift Plate Attachment LPA-1: Removable 24″ x 28″ steel platform locks on to forks (for forklift models only).
Portable Steps Custom-designed aluminium steps available in various sizes to fit most delivery vehicles ranging from small pickups to large delivery trucks
Lift-Hatch Attachment LH-3: Carries Escalera forklifts on the back of delivery vehicles. Fits standard 2″ receiver (for forklift models only)
Escalera CopyCaddy RPA-1/RPA-2: Delivery cart/tramp for copy machines and large electronic equipment. Two pallet sizes and 10″ extensions available. Includes all-terrain tires and adjustable strap
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