Antano Mule

Need to move your equipment up and down stairs?


The new stairlift is the ideal tool for carrying loads to different floors, along all types of stairs. The evolution is called Mule which, thanks to its contained size and lower weight, it can easily load up to a maximum of 160 kg.
To speed up down movements, the new system allows the user to tackle unladen lowering
 with no electric operation.

Mule Product Information

Weight 35 kg including battery. Lightest machine in it’s category.
Dimensions: Height: 1600
Width: 340
Depth: 520
Speed: 36 steps per minute

It features toothed rubber tracks that allow it to carry loads up and down fixed straight stairs

Construction: Aluminium
Ideal for lifting:
  • Soft drink bottlers
  • Office machines
  • Plumbing and heating equipment
  • Braking Wheels
  • Courtesy light under the control panel

  • Track anchoring release system

  • Removable 13 Ah-24V / 13 Ah-24V Lithium Battery
  • Safety belt

  • Control panel With Battery indicator

The Antano Mule   £2,150.00 + VAT

Certificated Training for up to 5 people: £364.00 Plus VAT
Delivery only to UK Mainland from £60.00 Plus VAT


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