Slip Mat

These durable mats are made from P.T.F.E and are used when you need to rotate a load to negotiate tight spaces. They can also be used like a general dolly board to slide furniture and other objects in to position.

Price £110 plus VAT and delivery

Landing Extender

Fitting this adjustable platform to the top step once the stair climber has reached the landing will provide you with extra space to land the load. A necessity when working with small landings.

Price £175 plus VAT and delivery

Jack and Roll

A two unit moving system which is strapped to your load, which can then be hydraulically jacked up to manoeuvre heavy or awkward loads across the flat or through door ways.Nike hydraulics with safety valve.

Dimensions: H 813mm x D 190.5mm x W 546 mm

Capacity: 2000 kg


Price £890 plus VAT and delivery

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