New Spec Escalera Powered Stairclimber 350kg, 15 Steps per minute

 Exciting New Product

Escalera FM350 with removable Big Wheel Dolly for rough terrain

New to our range is the Escalera FM350 Powered Stairclimber.   Competitively priced & faster than its rivals.

This specification comes complete with brakes, puncture proof tyres, 600 x 300mm toe plate  and fitted strap as standard, together with Battery and Land Charger all included in the price .

Price: £ 2100.00 plus VAT and Delivery

Rough terrain wheels are available as an option, quick and easy to attach and release, they also act as a dolly. Price: £175.00

The product was developed in direct response to customer feedback.  It has been  designed with safety and quality as pre-requisites and increased efficiency, reliability and flexibility as the goals.

Ideal for Facilities Managers and Caretakers faced with the challenges of moving a broad variety of goods around sites and buildings, this Powered Stair Climber will quickly become a vital piece of equipment.

A D Handling Ltd are the UK’s leading Powered Stairclimber Specialist and proud to be the only approved supplier in the UK of Escalera Products.  Built in the USA with quality, design and reliability.

Escalera FM 350    Escalera FM350 with removable Big Wheel Dolly for rough terrain


Brakes fitted as standard                     Escalera FM350 step edge detector brakes, fitted as standard





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