Escalera Parts

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Part Ref.Product ImageDescriptionPrice
1Standard Toeplate 4"x24"£103.32
4Cross Member£33.75
5Top Handle£23.25
6Complete Glide Belt Assembly£30
96" Wheel with Bearing£55.90
10Axel Washer (3 per axel)£1.25
11Wheel Bearing£12.50
12Rewind Lock£15
17Side Hand Hold£2.50
18Side Frame Padding£26.25
19Cross Member Padding£10.50
20Spacer Bar with Tie-Rod + Nuts£12.49
21X-Member Tie-Rod + Washers & Nuts£5.34
22Axel Bolt£8.75
23Axel Jam Nut£2.00
25Female Strap
(to fit trucks built before 2023)
26Male Strap
(to fit trucks built before 2023)
30New combined set of male and female strap
( to fit trucks built 2023 onwards)
87Nylon Natural Washer (set of 6)£3.30
278Plain Bore Wheel w/Clip (for RLA)£11.25
283BWA Type with Rim£48.88
318Spur Gear Pin£2.00
338Wheel Bearing for BWA-1R£11.25
408Hand Winch£125.00
409Winch Handle (MLA/RlA)£45.63
410Electric Winch£434.38
430Castor (Rear RLA) swivel£34.86
4424x Castor Wheels (rear RLA)£30.00
446Wires for Battery£19.80
729Battery Mount Bar w/Strap£29.15
532Automatic 12C Battery Charger£90.00
536Circuit Breaker£15.00
543Quick/Disconnects Yellow£3.00
545Battery Strap w/ Hook£9.38
547Complete Wiring Harness£130.00
565Motor Pulley£15
569Motor End Plate w/Bearing£50.81
577Motor Tension Spring£3.50
592Large Pulley w/Pin (for V-Belt)£41.25
595Roll Pin for Lifting Foot Cam£2.00
612Nylon Bearing for Idler Sprocket£4.13
613Retaining Rings for RLS£2.00
618BWA Retaining Ring£2.00
620Upper Drive Shaft Sprocket Pin£3.20
624Angle Bracket£5.50
6315/8" Shaft Collar w/Set Screw£3.75
658Drive Chain£37.00
672Front Guard£28.00
680x2 Tinnemen Guard Clips£3.50
686Master Link£9.00
708Complete Final Drive Shaft£190.00
710Complete Lifting Chain (Left or Right)£165.00
716Steel Side Plate (Left or Right)£110.00
718Rear Guard£36.75
722Complete Drive Chain£285
724Idler Shaft£71.25
726Lifting Foot Cam and Pins£39.62
731Battery Padding£23.00
13HDHeavy-Duty Rewind Mechanism£71.03
274L and 274RRLS Caster Assembly (Left or Right)£23.75
2S/3SLeft or Right Side Frame (Request size)£131.25
500EWEW Switch (for MLA/GLA)£130.00
500HDHeavy-Duty Switch£38.73
509HDHeavy-Duty Switch Box£38.73
715HDx4 Urethane Lifting Feet£53.05
BWA-FrameBig Wheel Attachment Frame Only£97.50
LPA-PinLPA/Rewind Lock Pin and Spring£3.75
RLS-ArmRLS Arms w/Tie Rod£92.30
RLS-LatRLS Latch (requires welding to RLS)£42.50
511x6 P-Clips for the main Harness£3.50

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