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Powered Stairclimber Demonstrations – which Powered Stairclimber do I need ?

As a powered stair climber and manual handling equipment specialist,  A D Handling Ltd recommend demonstrations as a way to really prove the effectiveness of any new purchase, and find the right equipment to suit our customers needs. Over the years we have “lifted and shifted” all manor of objects from washing machines to 800 kg telecommunication racks, one thing always remains the same though; we always test the equipment we are recommending. All our products are regularly scrutinised and tested to make sure they are still the best on the market. Every day we are called upon to solve various manual handling issues and every day we find safe, suitable and affordable solutions. Here are two videos of quite different loads, however A D Handling Ltd sourced one machine that could handle both, more than comfortably.



By providing our customers with unbiased advice backed up by in situ demonstrations we offer the best solution to meet  your needs  contact us for more details  or call to see if we can help you.

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