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New Spec Escalera Powered Stairclimber 350kg, 15 Steps per minute

August 19th, 2014

 Exciting New Product

Escalera FM350 with removable Big Wheel Dolly for rough terrain

New to our range is the Escalera FM350 Powered Stairclimber.   Competitively priced & faster than its rivals.

This specification comes complete with brakes, puncture proof tyres, 600 x 300mm toe plate  and fitted strap as standard, together with Battery and Land Charger all included in the price .

Price: £ 2100.00 plus VAT and Delivery

Rough terrain wheels are available as an option, quick and easy to attach and release, they also act as a dolly. Price: £175.00

The product was developed in direct response to customer feedback.  It has been  designed with safety and quality as pre-requisites and increased efficiency, reliability and flexibility as the goals.

Ideal for Facilities Managers and Caretakers faced with the challenges of moving a broad variety of goods around sites and buildings, this Powered Stair Climber will quickly become a vital piece of equipment.

A D Handling Ltd are the UK’s leading Powered Stairclimber Specialist and proud to be the only approved supplier in the UK of Escalera Products.  Built in the USA with quality, design and reliability.

Escalera FM 350    Escalera FM350 with removable Big Wheel Dolly for rough terrain


Brakes fitted as standard                     Escalera FM350 step edge detector brakes, fitted as standard





Powered Stirclimbers – tight turns on landings

July 15th, 2014

A D Handling Ltd  recently supplied a new customer with an LMTK310 powered stair climber.
The  installation team were impressed with it’s ease of use and impressive weight carrying capacity.
It’s light weight design and compact construction make tight turns on landings very easy. Combined with our landing extender and spare battery the Powered Stairclimber tackled the challenge with ease

Powered Stairclimbers for Schools, Colleges and Universities

July 15th, 2014

A Secondary School recently asked A D Handling Ltd to recommend the best powered stair climber for a manual handling issue that is proving to be a increasing problem for  Schools and Colleges.

Namely, these organisations now order consumables such as  paper in bulk to save money and often have pallets of A4/A5 paper delivered to the door. Here starts the problem as many schools need the paper carried to Art rooms or offices, up or down stairs and not too many schools or colleges  have lifts!

The responsibility often falls on the caretaker and they get called away from what they are doing to transport up to 40 boxes from the reception or car park to the office or classroom. Without assistance the maximum they can carry is two boxes at a time, that’s 20 trips.
This is not only a Health and Safety issue but  also takes up a lot of the caretaker’s valuable time from his/her other  roles.

We at  AD Handling Ltd, demonstrated two very different powered stair climber models and the customer susequently chose a light-weight, fast, powered stair climber capable of lifting 140 kg, easily capable of carrying 10 boxes of paper at 35 steps per minute, up or down stairs.

The stair climber will also be used for moving filing cabinets, chairs and pc equipment so it is multi-functional.

Take a look at a video here

For more information  or advice on any application please call A D Handling Ltd on 07789 702922 or visit

Powered Stairclimbers safe and practical for schools

July 10th, 2014

A D Handling Ltd were chosen by a school in Wellingborough to provide a safe and practical way to assist their facilities staff to move heavy items around on stairs; from boxes of paper all the way up to fully laden filing cabinets.

With the addition of wheel brakes,  the LMTK 190 kg powered stair climber was readily accepted by all the staff during the certificated training session and by the end of the process they were keen to start moving items around for the summer shut down. Many thanks to all the staff for their hospitality and and their attention to detail during the training.

Current Stock of Used Powered Stairclimbers

July 7th, 2014

We currently have a number of  SAL Fold and SAL fold L Powered Stairclimbers ready to purchase  We ensure that any used models we offer for sale are inspected by an accredited engineer and thereafter carry a 12 month LOLER certificate, we also replace the battery cells with new as part of the pre sale service.   This gives you the reassurance that any used equipment we sell complies with Health and Safety regulations and is ready for use.  We believe that this sets us apart from other potential suppliers of used powered stairclimbers.

We also have other types of used Powered Stairclimbers for Sale

Used models often sell quickly so if you cannot see what you are looking for on our website please contact us for more details  or call to see if we can help you.

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Powered Stairclimber Demonstrations – which Powered Stairclimber do I need ?

July 7th, 2014

As a powered stair climber and manual handling equipment specialist,  A D Handling Ltd recommend demonstrations as a way to really prove the effectiveness of any new purchase, and find the right equipment to suit our customers needs. Over the years we have “lifted and shifted” all manor of objects from washing machines to 800 kg telecommunication racks, one thing always remains the same though; we always test the equipment we are recommending. All our products are regularly scrutinised and tested to make sure they are still the best on the market. Every day we are called upon to solve various manual handling issues and every day we find safe, suitable and affordable solutions. Here are two videos of quite different loads, however A D Handling Ltd sourced one machine that could handle both, more than comfortably.



By providing our customers with unbiased advice backed up by in situ demonstrations we offer the best solution to meet  your needs  contact us for more details  or call to see if we can help you.

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Versatility adds value for money!

July 6th, 2014

Clients to A D Handling Ltd have shown a keen interest in our bespoke equipment and accessories. Making a powered stair climber versatile for different types of loads is not always easy but it is guaranteed to reduce labour costs and increase profits.

QML Ltd based in Lincolnshire  purchased our 680 kg powered stair climber system which includes a Vertical Movement Attachment, basically it allows for goods to be wheeled across the flat on four wheels in a vertical angle thus reducing the amount of space needed for turning. You can see the system working at

R.J.C. Low Loaders in Northamptonshire are experts at moving heavy items on the UK road network but sought advice from A D Handling Ltd.  Demonstrated at their Head Office, a 680 kg light weight machine with drop down dolly and strong arm extension kit and a 1400 kg capacity stair crawler. R.J.C. took delivery and training of both their stair climbers and can  handle loads from 300 kg up to 1400 kg on stairs with ease.


powered stair climber 680 kg

If you need advice on any application involving stairs then please phone us today for an itemised quotation/demonstration on 07789 702922.